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3D Printing

What Type of Parts are Good Candidates for 3D Printing?
Of all of the welding and metal cutting practices used in the world today. 3D printing is one of the most modern and most advanced.  In addition to cutting on strenuous, dangerous and painful physical labor, 3D printing can do more. It has been shown to have the ability to create machines that help the economy, and not just for the person who sells the machine also for the buyer. 3D Cutting can even lower the price of metal art. It produces something like a mutual symbiotic relationship between the seller and the customer both economically benefit.  Clearly, metal and metal cutting techniques do more for society then just serve as a piece of art and safety. They are a basis of the American economy, business and the American livelihood.  3D printing not only brings metal to a new era, it may bring the whole society to a new era.

Designing Parts for 3D Printing
3D Printing means the creation of a three dimensional object though the use of a welding machine. It is almost always done with the assistant of either an artists drawing or a computer graphic.  The business potential for profit is great.  In fact, people will pay thousands of dollars for a machine with the ability to do this, just so they can start something with a metal art business. 3D Printing can be done in many different ways using techniques such as water and lasers.