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Looking for Business Representative Worldwide

2018/6/20 20:59:10

We are looking for business representative worldwide.

If you are experienced in our business field and located in the following areas, please contact us.

Our Business Field

1.Heat Sink, Heat Pipe, Vapor Chamber, Heat Exchanger
2.Liquid cooling, Liquid cooler, Liquid Cold plates
3.Pin Fin Heat Sink, Pin Fin Base Plate
4.Electronics cooling, Thermal-cooling Projects, Turnkey Thermal management solutions.

5.Precision machining parts, CNC parts, Turning Parts, Sheet Metal Parts., etc.

Business Representative Needed in the folllowing areas

Australia / New Zealand

Japan / Korea / Vietnam / Thailand

Turkey / Iran / Israel

Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Finland / Russia / Latvia / Estonia

Germany / France / Italy / Spain / UK / Netherland / Switzerland / Austria / Belgium

Canada / U.S.A / Mexico

Argentina /  Brazil / Chile

Welcome to join us.


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