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Surface finishing processes may be employed to improve appearance, adhesion or solder ability, corrosion resistance, tarnish resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, hardness, modify electrical conductivity, remove burrs and other surface flaws, and control the surface friction. In limited cases some of these techniques can be used to restore original dimensions to salvage or repair an item. An unfinished surface is often called mill finish.

Through Surface Finishing, we can improve machining and product performance by increasing strength of materials. Contact us with questions about how you can benefit from surface finishing process as following

* Carburizing
* Nitriding
* Chromeplate
* Electroplating
* Galvanizing
* Painting
* Anodizing
* Polishing
* Powder Coating
* Thin-film Deposition
* Passivation / Conversion coating
* Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
* Physical vapor deposition (PVD)

We're ready to help you with your surface finishing needs.

Aluminum Clear Anodize