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Skiving Fin Heat Sink Machine for sale

2019/3/18 15:14:49
Hereby we'd liek to introduce our Skiving Fin Heat Sink Machine.

1. Skiving Fin Heat Sink Machine

2.Design Guidelines of  skived fin heat sink

3.Skived Fin heat sink features and advantages

   (1).Thin fins and high fin density

  (2).Maximum heat dissipation under forced convection (with high airflow)

  (3).No interface joint (or thermal resistance) between the fins and base

  (4).High aspect ratio (up to 1:50)

  (5).Easy and inexpensive to prototype

  (6).Low  tooling costs

  (7).Short lead time

  (8).Can have embedded heat pipes to further boost performance

  (9).Anti-oxidation surface treatment helps extend serving time

4.(1).Aluminum Skived Fin Heat Sink


    2).Coppper Skived Fin Heat Sink

5.Skiving Fin Heat Sink Machine working process.


6. Skiving Fin Heat Sink Machine for sale, look for distributors worldwide, welcome to contact info@jacarlosworld.com