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Liquid Cold Plate

Liquid Cold plates Application

* Electric power transmission

High voltage direct current transmission(HVDC)HVDC FlexibleIGBTSVGetc.  

* New Energy

Power ConvertersWind power generationWind TurbinesSolar Inverters, etc.


Rail Traction SystemHybrid /Electric Vehicle (HEV/EV), Auxillary Vehicle Systems

* Others

 Industrial frequency conversionIndustrial Motor ControlsMedical EquipmentsLaser Equipments.

Friction Stir Welding Technology advantages

(1).More stronger and reliable leak proof seal, leak-free.

(2).Compatible with water or water/glycol, gasoline, oil, refrigerant and other fluids.

(3).Dual-sided cooling

(4).Provide superior thermal conductivity and more uniform surface temperature.

(5).High Efficiency for High Power

(6).Large-size available, now we can make 850mm*270mm*210mm (Al6061).           

(7).Low Volume, save space.

(8).Light weight configurations

(9).Material : Al6063 / Al6061 or  Al1050 / Al1070

Liquid Cold plates made by Friction Stir Welding FSW


Download technical documents about the Liquid Cold plates